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is looking for Rose Emily Class of 1993

Hi, we went to Edward Devotion Middle School and Brookline together. Although, I left my Freshman year. Contact me.

is looking for Dwight Evens Class of 1984


is looking for Laurie Gear Class of 1994

Hello Laurie, long time. I've wondered where you are? I just want to say thank you very much for being kind when my Aunt June used to come to St Elizabeth a long time ago to visit her mother back in the 199's I hope you would try and get in touch e-mail anaele33amaechi@gmail.com

is looking for Joanie Griffin Class of 1975

I remember going to Brookline high with you

is looking for Judy Hoffenberg Class of 1967

Went under the name Gabe. Devotion School (broken toilet) prior to BHS, had lots of laughs. Would love to chat.

is looking for Nancy Randolph Class of 1979

hi,I hope ur doing O.K

is looking for Karen Shuman Class of 1969

hi jim

is looking for Carolyn Thorton Class of 1982

Love to talk!

is looking for Andrew Vachon Class of 1986

dude its 420 where are you?

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